New wordpress release: version 4.7

Yesterday wordpress 4.7 was released, and our free themes were updated. The main changes are:

  • the old social icons were replaced by a menu, that you have to create and put into the Social links menu location. The menu items must be Custom links, and the social icons will be displayed based on the url. Now you can have a lot of social icons.
  • there is an Additional CSS section in the Customizer, you can put your custom CSS codes there. Now you don’t need the child theme if you customize only the css code.

The professional themes were also updated! If you had custom CSS code in the customizer, then save it before theme update, because the new versions have only the new core Additionial CSS section in the customizer, thus you can loose your custom CSS code by updating the theme. The old social icons section is also replaced by the social links menu, for which you have to create Custom link menu items. The icons are displayed automatically based on the URL. If you see a question mark icon, then your URL is not recognized. To update the professional theme, save your theme modifications if you had any (CSS, PHP, JS), you can also backup your site, download the new theme, and upload the extracted new theme e.g. via FTP to overwrite the old theme. Then apply your theme modifications again.