Coral Parallax Pro wordpress theme


For 29 Euros you will get unlimited access to the updates of the theme. You have to pay only once.


Coral Parallax Pro is a professional responsive theme with one-column, two-column or three-column layout, full page header and parallax effect. The theme is optimized for SEO, and suitable e.g. for a small business site, a portfolio gallery site or a blog.

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This is a responsive, SEO optimized wordpress theme with several customization possibilities. It can be suitable for many kind of websites, small business, portfolio, blog, etc.. Click on the topmenu items to see most of the theme features, and possible theme settings. The main features of the theme are:

  • compatible with WordPress 6
  • responsive theme, also fits to mobile and tablet devices
  • full page header
  • parallax effect
  • built-in special widget: Coral post with thumbnail widget, see below
  • text or image logo
  • dropdown menu
  • the maximum page width is either 1020px or 1200px
  • Layouts: one-column, two-column, three-column layouts with customizable sidebar widths
  • typography: customizable body font, heading font, site title font, tagline font
  • google fonts
  • social icons menu
  • customizable colors: site title color, tagline color, body font color, heading font color, background color, link color, social icon color
  • several widget areas, see below
  • custom menus

Widget areas

You can see below the widget areas of the Coral-parallax-pro wordpress theme. The Upper, First-Sixth and Upper footer widget areas have a maximum number of 4. If you use less than 4 widget areas e.g in the First 1-4 positions, they will have equal width and fill the whole page width.

Coral parallax pro widget ares

Coral posts with thumbnail widget

This wordpress theme contain a special widget that can display posts with thumbnails of the featured images in two different layouts:

Featured post

Setting up the extra widget areas for the front page

In the “Appearance /Customize/Static front page” set up a static front page and a blog page. Then in the Pages menu edit your front page, and there on the right you have the options to set the page template (Page attributes/Template), where you can choose the layout of the page (e.g. Extra widget areas, 3 columns, content middle).

Now that you have set up a page with extra widget areas, you can go to the Appearance/Widgets to edit widgets. The special widget of this theme is the Coral posts with thumbnails. You can also edit text widgets easily if you install the “Black studio tinymce widget” plugin.

Image widget with dark or light caption

Install two plugins: Black Studio TinyMCE plugin, and Widget CSS classes plugin. Edit a widget with the Visual Editor of the Black Studio TinyMCE plugin, and when you insert an image add a caption to it. Select the image, create a link, then select the caption, create a similar link. Then add the image-light or image-dark class to the widget.


Parallax effect

In order to have a parallax effect on an element, add “scrollflow” and at least one of the following CSS classes to the desired object(s): -slide-top, -slide-left, -slide-right, -slide-bottom, -pop, -opacity. You can use e.g. the Widget CSS classes plugin to add CSS classes to a widget.


Current version: 1.3

The readme.txt file of the theme contains the info about the changes. To update the theme, save your theme modifications, you can also backup your site, download the new theme, and install it. Then apply your theme modifications again. Then check that your widgets and theme settings are correct.